Read Sacred Therapies: The Kundalini Yoga Meditation Handbook for Mental Health by David Shannahoff-Khalsa Online


A simplified version, for consumers, of yoga protocols for optimal mental health.

This comprehensive, user-friendly handbook offers readers an innovative clinical approach using 100 different Kundalini yoga techniques in select disorder-specific protocols for treating all of the major and common psychiatric disorders. Readers will gain insight into their own symptoms by reading the official American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manual definitions along with the associated disorders and features, and learn the step-by-step strategies essential for self-healing and relief. Seventy black-and-white illustrations are included.

Topics covered: Generalized Anxiety Disorder Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Body Dysmorphic Disorder Trichotillomania Phobias Panic Disorders Acute Stress Disorder PTSD The Abused and Battered Psyche Depression Grief The Bipolar Disorders The Addictive, Impulse Control, and Eating Disorders Insomnia and other Sleep Disorders Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ADHD and Co-morbid Disorders (Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder) Dyslexia and Other Learning Disorders Schizophrenia and the Variants of the Psychoses The Personality Disorders (Paranoid, Schizoid, Schizotypal, Antisocial, Borderline, Histrionic, Narcississtic, Avoidant, Dependent, and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder) Autism and Aspergers Disorder...

Title : Sacred Therapies: The Kundalini Yoga Meditation Handbook for Mental Health
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